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Bliss Booster Mood Enhancer Adaptogen Blend

Bliss Booster Mood Enhancer Adaptogen Blend

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This cayenne-spiked raw cacao and maca root blend with notes of cinnamon may help relieve stress, enhance vitality, and bring the mind into the present. Love food // Mood enhancer -Cacao is a natural mood elevator. It contains high levels of iron, magnesium, calcium and antioxidants. -Maca may improve mood, energy, and skin. -Cayenne can boost metabolism, help digestion and provide detox support. -Himalayan pink salt may provide the body with essential minerals, balance electrolytes and pH, and support optimal nutrient absorption. Add one to two teaspoons to coffee, smoothies or warm nut milk. Or add to any recipe that calls for cocoa/cacao powder for a transcendent mood-enhancing raw chocolate experience. 50 servings per jar 93 grams Vegan, organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, sugar free


Stress-relieving ingredients and mood-boosting blends from our apothecary, pantry, and milk bar in the Palo Alto California foothills. For vibrant, versatile, and delicious rituals that never stand still. Made by local food entrepreneurs We first became passionate about adaptogens and botanical medicine in 2010 in Costa Rica, where we ran a chocolate shop specializing in treats made from locally-grown, heirloom cacao and coffee. We were inspired by the transformative power of rainforest plants and we're honored to share these mood-boosting ingredients with you. xx Krysia, Mateo, and the Moodbeli family

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