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Ray of F'in Sunshine Leatherette Pocket Journal

Ray of F'in Sunshine Leatherette Pocket Journal

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Made to keep you organized so you can get shit done in a orderly manner. The cutest softest item you'll have in your pocket / purse / bag. Made of a soft leatherette material and gold foil embossed. The pages are lined and it comes with an elastic band to bind the notebook closed. The perfect pad to keep all your shit and ideas jotted down. Cover measures approximately 3"x4.25"


With a background in product development and design, I have always been behind the scenes of big retailers and brands. Mix that with a oppressive upbringing, always being told to be proper, what not to do, what to say, where not to visit, and what I should eat. Properly Improper was created by my two worlds joining into one. Lessons from my professional experiences, and my belief that people should be able to express themselves freely, unapologetically (as long as no people or animals are harmed). These gifts are made to not just be funny, but to promote self expression and to empower you to just be who you are. Do what you want, create what you desire, and take yourself where places people may say you should never go. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy the products we have created thus far. Trust me this company has been a journey, but I know the journey has just begun. Keep in touch to see where we go and what we create next.

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