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Ardent Goods

Linen Flaxseed Lovey Set Heat/Cold

Linen Flaxseed Lovey Set Heat/Cold

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Use these little packs for warm or cold comfort. Keep a set in the freezer for those bumps and bruises and a set to warm in the microwave for a quick 20-30 seconds to keep hands warm in the winder or help with ear aches or tummy aches. Set of 2 included. Handmade of 100% linen, cotton thread and flaxseed. The linen is certified by Standard 100 OEKO -TEX, tested for over 100 harmful chemicals and toxins and made with AZO free, European reactive dyes.
• Made in United States • Dimensions: 6" l x 4" w x 1" h • Weight: 12 oz


ar·dent/ˈärdnt/adjective : enthusiastic or passionate

why the name, ardent?

We began our journey as a business at open air markets in 2010. Christina had mounds of costume jewelry passed down from her grandmother and began making recycled vintage jewelry pieces. The idea of making new treasured one of a kind pieces by repurposing was exciting. Vending at markets for both Christina and Johna continued as a hobby. After the birth of her youngest in 2013, Christina suffered from vestibular migraines and trigimenal neuralgia. Attempting to avoid medications, using natural options inspired our earliest products, unscented eye pillow and weighted wrap. Johna’s passion has always been cooking. Whether a cut or a burn in the kitchen, she’s used natural remedy balms to help heal her wounds. This became the inspiration for development of another early piece, the Sana Sana Botanical Balm. After opening our brick and mortar in 2019, Johna developed our solid dish soap and Christina decided to offer the dish soap poured into a ramekin. Our customers loved the concept so much we couldn't keep it on the shelves. All of our products have always started from a need of our own. Sustainability has been a gradual lifestyle change within our homes, well before the fruition of our business. When deciding to share our wellness goods we wanted to infuse our passions of great design, sustainability and essential functionality in each of our products. Our goal is to continue to let our passions drive our products to continue to create unique, sustainable, essential lifestyle goods for everyone to enjoy.

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