National Park Playing Cards

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“It was early January when the idea first came to light. I wanted to work on a big personal project to start the year of 2018. Something that would take the entire year to complete.

Something that I’ve seen a lot of designers take on is the task of designing a deck of playing cards. This looked to me like a wonderful idea. Not only would it strengthen my design skills, but it’ll teach me other skills like  how to manufacture, sell, and market a product. Not only did I want to design a custom card back; I wanted to design a custom case and card faces for every card.

Somehow, the idea of creating a US National Park themed playing card deck arose. There just so happened to be about 55 registered National Parks in the US, and getting the official gift shops to sell them would be a good long term goal.”

Each suit represents a different region in the United States. Diamonds represent parks in the Southwest, Spades represent the parks in the Northwest, Clubs represented the East, and Hearts, the SouthAdditionally, the card values are sorted by park popularity, with ace featuring the most visited parks, and 2 featuring the least visited parks


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