OSEA Black Algae Mask

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Black Algae Flash Mask

The Pore Minimizer

Potent dual-action flash mask. Malic Acid, Fig and Pumpkin Enzymes deliver exfoliation for immediate glow. Jojoba spheres physically exfoliate complexion. Polish away dull surface skin with bioactive algae and enzymes. Next level enzymatic exfoliation.

Size: 1.7 oz | Normal / Combo / Blemish-Prone

Key Ingredients

  • ALGAE EXTRACTContains potent vitamins and minerals. Hydrates dry skin and reinforces the appearance of a healthy, balanced, moisture-rich complexion.
  • FIG (FICUS CARICA) EXTRACTAbundant in copper, zinc, manganese, potassium and enriching vitamins. Naturally exfoliates dead skin. Antioxidant rich, helps even appearance of skin tone. 
  • HEMATITEAn iron-rich mineral derived from the Hematite stone. Helps firm skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for an overall youthful complexion.
  • JOJOBA BEADS (ESTERS)A waxy derivative of jojoba oil that has natural exfoliating properties. An eco-friendly and effective alternative to plastic microbeads.
  • PINEAPPLE (ANANAS SATIVUS) FRUIT EXTRACTRich in vitamin C and bromelain enzymes. A natural exfoliant that also helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes for a purified complexion.
  • PUMPKIN (CUCURBITA PEPO) FRUIT EXTRACTPacked with fruit enzymes, zinc and antioxidants. Naturally exfoliates and smoothes appearance of skin.
  • ULVA LACTUCA (ALGAE) EXTRACTAlso known as "Sea Lettuce." Rich in minerals, trace elements, 9 amino acids and iron. Firms skin and minimizes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.