Redemption is a labor of love...

born from a CA native, Australian transplant, and our pit/dachshund lovechild

I (Tammy) am a local San Jose born and bred native. My mother was a maker so my appreciation for handmade started as a child, and Dave went through the Steiner (Waldorf) School system in Australia which exposed him to the arts from a young age. We met in 2013 while I was living in Australia and instantly connected over our shared love of art, fashion, sustainable living, and travel. When we explore new places we always seek to support the local makers and small businesses in that area. Our passions for shopping local, hunting for unique handcrafted goods, and minimizing our footprint are what inspired us to open Redemption.

Dave moved to California in 2015 so we could pursue our dream of opening a brick and mortar that embodied how we personally wanted to live and spend. We believe we cast a vote for the world we want with every dollar we spend and hoped to curate a space for the likeminded. From the very start it was our goal to support local makers and small businesses while giving back to and connecting with our community.

We work with all California makers and focus on small batch, quality handcrafted products that are made with sustainability and ethical practices in mind. These are all makers and products we personally love, use, and whose values highly align with ours. We opened our Campbell location in 2015, Los Gatos in 2018, then Santa Cruz at the height of the pandemic in late 2020. At the request of many who have moved out of the area and others in town visiting, we finally made the decision in 2022 to build an online shop and transition back to 1 brick and mortar in hopes of spending more quality time with each other and our international families. 

We are so grateful for where this journey has brought us today and are excited to finally share some of our tried and true favorites online! We hope you find the products we carry as unique and special as we do. Every purchase truly means the world to our little family and community of makers, thank you for visiting!

With gratitude always,

Tammy, David, Boomerang, and the Redemption fam 💕