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Bamboo Zero Waste Utensil Kit (Fabric Options)

Bamboo Zero Waste Utensil Kit (Fabric Options)

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Each zero waste kit comes with a handmade cotton canvas pouch, bamboo utensils (spoon, kn!fe, fork, straw, and chopsticks), a straw cleaner, and care instructions.

Hand wash with gentle soap and let dry. If you want these to last while, don't leave them submerged in water, as it causes splitting! The Pouch itself can be washed on a delicate or hand wash cycle and lie flat to dry.


Beautifully Regular is run by Bethany (Hi! It's just me here) out of Sacramento, California. It is a brand that's been growing since I was in high school, and has begun to evolve into what it is today. Beautifully Regular is inspired by vintage floral bedsheets, color, textile design (we love a good fabric print here), and making items that not only bring joy, but also serve a purpose. That purpose might just be to decorate your emotional support water bottle, or to have something that makes you smile when you walk into the room. Beautifully Regular is a one woman handmade show. I do get my sticker manufactured (to ensure the highest, longest lasting quality), but everyone else is made, designed, and produced out of my spare bedroom studio/craft room/office. Hand crafts should be taken seriously, and not just dismissed as something women do.

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