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Mind and Body Wash (travel, 8oz)

Mind and Body Wash (travel, 8oz)

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Bathing Culture is a full Mind and Body experience. Lather so good it wraps you up in a velvet robe and sends you floating out to sea. The aromas lift you into the damp redwood canopies and will leave you in an aromatic afterglow. Our formula is water free, sensitive skin aware, and after cleansing makes your skin feel healthy and smooth. All of that is done with purely plants, no chemicals, no synthetic fragrances, or ingredients like palm that deforest rainforests. Besides that, we are certified organic, cruelty free, and biodegradable. As of this October, we are now one of the only companies to use bottles made from 100% recycled, California collected, and reprocessed bottles. Respect yourself with our naturally radical, certified organic, biodegradable soap designed to keep your skin hydrated and refreshed.

Cathedral Grove is developed to smell like a redwood grove that is nestled on the side of Mt Tamalpais in Northern California. As you lather the aromas of the forest open in the water, it is earthy, florid, piney and incredibly refreshing. 

Nature has been our greatest medicine and we are grateful to call the Bay Area home. We have this saying that Bathing Culture is “Made Under the Supervision of Mt. Tamalpias.” That everything we make and do is in respect to the beauty and preservation of the earth, as if the mountains are watching. The experiences of dipping into the oceans and forests of Northern California made conservationists out of us. We hope that Bathing Culture brings people closer to nature wherever they are. 

Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Potassium Hydroxide ( electrified mineral that turns oil into soap - none remains in finished soap), Plant Glycerin (Vegan from North American soybeans), Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Guar Bean, Citric Acid (derived from cassava root and used to balance PH), Cathedral Grove Essential Oil Blend

80+ showers



We’d started making soap back in the summer of 2015, long days found us escaping our office jobs in downtown San Francisco, jumping on our bikes and racing the sunset across the Golden Gate Bridge into the rambling trails of the Marin Headlands. Streaked with mud and sweat, we’d joke we’d never be able to get clean.

As we surfed and climbed, soaked and sweated, our running dirty joke became an obsession. Returning home from our epic adventures, we found that run-of-the-mill body wash couldn’t hold up. It stripped our skin of moisture, was full of toxic synthetics, and smelled bad, or was watery and weak. From the salty smell of sand dunes to the crisp mountain air, we do everything we can to connect people to the places where we play.

Working under the supervision of Mt Tamalpais, we made thousands of batches of soap before arriving at our Holy Grail.

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