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Big Sur Seasoning Salts OLD COAST

Big Sur Seasoning Salts OLD COAST

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As illuminated in his 1962 novel Big Sur, Jack Kerouac and his cronies frequently traveled on the “Old Coast Road” to gather at a colleague’s cabin, earning it the nickname “The Beatnik Byway.” Today, the road remains the same narrow dirt road those literary legends once traversed, still winding around the mossy riparian forests, over babbling brooks through the damp Bixby Canyon. The ingredients in this blend can be found along this amazing drive. If you make the trek, make sure you pull over in order to take it all in; the essence of this experience is hard to capture. Bring it to your table with this blend. 2oz


Pico Blanco sea salt, sage, leek, thyme, orange zest


  • Amazing on pork chops!
  • Baked chicken wings have a new life.
  • This blend creates an amazing new twist to french fries.
  • White fish, salmon, and wild game.


Harvested straight from the coastline, Big Sur Salts is pure California sea salt. Sourced exclusively from the area, our culinary craft salt and salt blends truly represent Big Sur in color, taste and aroma. The land of Big Sur is part of the National Wilderness Preservation System and the waters are part of a Marine Protected Area. Our salt is as pristine as the vibrant ocean you see here. When purchasing this product, your money not only goes to organizations that defend the future of Big Sur, it also goes to local farmers and small businesses supporting the local economy without leaving a trace. To taste this salt is to appreciate Big Sur and support its preservation.

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