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Everyday California Flag Surf Bear Tee Shirt TODDLER/KIDS

Everyday California Flag Surf Bear Tee Shirt TODDLER/KIDS

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Made from a super soft cotton, this kids tee has the iconic California flag with Brutus the Bear holding a surfboard featured on the front. Warning: your little one won’t want to take it off!

Tailored Unisex Design * Made from a beautifully soft cotton  * Designed, sourced, and crafted exclusively in California This tee supports ocean conservation & sustainability.

Runs small, size up

Match your mini! ALSO AVAILABLE IN ADULTS SIZE in a separate listing


The Great Recession of 2008 was the best thing that ever happened to us. We lost all hope of finding a career out of college and ended up on the beach, unemployed. With nothing to lose, we took a leap of faith and started a small ocean adventure company.

Everyday California began as little more than a few kayaks, an old pick-up truck, and a few guys running discounted adventure tours, booking appointments in between cleaning gear and taking people out on the water.

After some success, we found a space to open up our first shop. It was just larger than 500 square feet and had a ton of, well, let’s call it “character.” But it was a start.

Since then, we’ve found a much larger space, expanded our brand into apparel and lifestyle products, and are living our original dream: to share the California lifestyle with everyone around the world.
To us, California is more than a place. From North to South, it stands for the massive forests full of towering Sequoias to rocky beaches with walking access only, from the tech giants in Silicon valley to mom-and-pop stores selling overstuffed sandwiches down the street from our shop.

We hope you’ll join us in our mission to share California with the rest of the world.

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