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Elderberry Syrup (4oz, 8oz)

Elderberry Syrup (4oz, 8oz)

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Traditional cultures the world over have used elderberries as a folk remedy for colds, flus, congestion, and stomach aches.  Modern studies confirm the berries are indeed packed with antioxidants and vitamins and may be effective at boosting our immune systems.

Our Elderberry Syrup begins with hand harvesting the berries — right out our back door in Carmel Valley, and on small farms nearby and in the missouri.  We then carefully extract the juice, making sure to preserve all the goodness contained in those berries.  Lightly sweetened and with a dash of fresh lemon juice, our Elderberry Syrup is pure deliciousness.

Our Elderberry Syrup is versatile and delicious.  It’s excellent sipped on its own, added to hot water with fresh lemon and honey, added to sparkling water for a homemade soda, or used as a unique, exquisite cocktail base.  Our 200ml bottles provide between 8-13 servings per bottle, depending on how you use the product.  


Preschool germs are where it all began! Katie learned of the mighty elderberry when desperately seeking out ways to keep her family healthy. Yet all the syrups they tried either tasted awful, used imported berries, or contained thickeners and other preservatives and ALWAYS had "water" as the first ingredient. Upon learning that native elderberries grow literally all around their Carmel Valley community, Katie jumped right fresh-pressing local berries and quickly gained a passionate following! Elderflowers, preserves, vinegars and teas are now part of the pure and potent elderberry family. How are we different? 100% American-grown berries and flowers (never imported) 100% Fresh-pressed elderberries (never dried) 100% Woman-owned and farmer focused--grants and mentorship for new elderberry growers are part of our mission. It is our passion to bring this native superfruit into the kitchen and into the hearts of our customers.

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