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Fly Away Butterfly Huggie Earrings

Fly Away Butterfly Huggie Earrings

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Dainty Butterfly Huggie Earrings

14k GF, Gold Filled Clasp


Our name is derived from two distinctive realms of thought, that which is precious and that which is powerful. “Au”, which is taken from the periodic symbol for gold and “ORA”, a derivative of aura, create the balanced state of being that is the House of Au+ORA; illuminating light and positivity throughout every crevice of the soul. Four elements reside in this world, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. We believe inside every woman these elements are colliding, blending, and some days even overpowering the others. We believe that reflecting our inner elements is what makes us beautiful. House of Au+ORA looks to create the harmonious balance of the dualistic forces we encounter every day. A place where we realize that Earth needs Water to thrive and Fire needs Air to be, and that through this collaboration, we thrive.

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