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Golden Hour Body Glow Oil

Golden Hour Body Glow Oil

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Warm, sunny glow body oil This rich, luxurious formula body oil that gives a hint of copper-gold champagne glow. It creates a subtle luminosity for healthy looking skin, while leaving skin with a touchable, silky-soft feel. Infused with coconut, argan, and green tea seed oils and a tropical coconut aroma for soft, moisturized skin.  Key Ingredients: * Jojoba Oil - Provides deep and thorough hydration to thin layers of skin.  * Argan Oil - Rich in antioxidants that help protect against environmental damage * Green Tea Seed Oil - Has anti-aging properties and can help to repair and rejuvenate collagen


Growing up as a plus size black woman, I feel like I was reminded again and again that I wasn’t what was considered beautiful. I thought that if only I were the perfect size or had the perfect skin that I would be enough. Eventually though, my mindset evolved. I re-examined beauty standards and decided I would not be found wanting. I came to accept myself as I was, and as I am, now. In this moment. I learned that two things can be true at once: I can hold space to improve and grow, and who I am now is beautiful and worthy. Now. Not when something about me changes. I ask that you try leaning in to giving yourself the same grace. I created Terra and Self not to be a brand that “makes” you beautiful, but to be a brand that sees your beauty now, and celebrates who you are, uniquely and naturally, right now. Handmade in Santa Cruz

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