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Happiness Reflection Journal (color options)

Happiness Reflection Journal (color options)

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• Minimal and easy to use. Keep your new experience alive with a low time commitment.

• Undated so you can start at any point in the year.

• Length: A full year

• Measures 6.5 x8.5 when closed.

• Built with a beautiful letterpress cover, thick 80# text weight pages, 100# cover separator pages, and a sturdy tag board backing.

• Wire-o bound to lay it completely flat. Take advantage of all the open space for free writing and doodling.

What's Inside

• Spot to set your intentions for the year. (This is a spot to look back on whenever you do not feel centered, to guide you, so you can remember your truths and the things that are important.)

• Daily prompts: One thing you are grateful for and why plus three good things from the day and how they made you feel.

• Designated free-write and dot grid notes & doodles area.

• End of the week reflection: Look back on the week overall and highlight the positive aspects and things you have learned.

• Each month is separated by an inspirational quote that has brought meaning and motivation to my life and is meant to inspire you throughout the year.

• End of month review with a unique exploration journal prompt.

• End of the year collective reflection page.


About Jen Simpson Design:

I created this collection of journals after learning how to live with my own anxiety and stress. My whole life I have had anxiety, I have always felt like only the bad things were going to happen and that every negative thing my brain told me was true. After going through some life changing events, I learned valuable tools to help me work with my anxiety and stress. The tool that helped me the most was to keep a daily journal. It helped me to keep the positive aspects and good things in my life in the forefront and not let negative thoughts overtake me. I practiced this exercise daily and was very surprised at how fast I started to improve. It helped me to grow and to understand how to take care of myself, to restructure my thoughts and focus on the good. To stay positive. The power of positive thinking, gratitude and cognitive restructuring can be life changing, it was for me. What you focus on gets bigger and becomes your reality. If you are feeling anxiety or worries or want to be more mindful and cultivate more wellness, gratitude and happiness; now is the best time to start journaling.

I hope you love these journals as much as I do and they it bring you happiness and positivity throughout your journey. 


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