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Ritual Bath Soak (options)

Ritual Bath Soak (options)

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Mama: We chose these herbs with Mama's in mind. The blend focuses on positivity, resilience and protection. This blend is intended to be calming and relaxing and encourage the special mothers in our lives to take a breath and a moment for themselves. Epsom Salt Lavender Essential Oil. Herb Fillings: helichrysum, chrysanthemum, motherwort, rose petals, calendula, strawflower

Sapphire: A beautiful winter dream of a bath. This bath creates a beautiful vibrant blue bath water. The beautiful blue hues are coming from magical butterfly pea flower, blue lotus, blue corn flower, lavender. Also include motherwort, chrysanthemum, calendula, rose petals & strawflowers. Healing epsom salts with essential oils of bergamot, eucalyptus, and cedar.


It all started as a cozy craft night between two best friends and roommates. Caitlin and Christina have always been very passionate about finding clean alternatives for their personal health and wellness products. Being candle fanatics, their first project was overhauling the traditional scented candle and making something Mother Earth approved, and that’s where Lit Rituals was born. Now they are rebuilding the entire experience from the ground up by adding even more products to the Lit Rituals Line. Caitlin has had a lifelong passion for herbalism, and Christina is always looking for innovative ways to incorporate whole, organic, earth loving ingredients into her daily life. Once they conquered the perfect candle, they began experimenting with everything from botanical bath bombs to ritual bouquets. Based on feedback from their team of witches, they started to incorporate the new products into their line to enhance the Lit Rituals experience with clean, organic and premium ingredients. Our two biggest values are environmental awareness, and maintaining a healthy and happy home. Every day we work toward a more sustainable future, beginning with compostable shipping supplies and a continued effort to take our products towards a complete zero waste model.

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