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Tropical Plants Organic Cotton Booties

Tropical Plants Organic Cotton Booties

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The most adorable tropical plant print, perfect for all the plant lovin mamas' littles!

Clamfeet is soft-soled shoes that feel good, and you can feel good about! From design to materials to how it’s made, every aspect is handmade with you and your little in mind. Organic cotton lining. Eco canvas exterior (45% recycled content). Rubberized grip sole for the walkers. Machine washable. Made in Los Angeles.


i am a mommy of three to Logan, Leif + Eleanor. we live in Los Angeles where my husband works as an animator at Disney, and i run CLAMFEET and homeschool our littles. i started CLAMFEET after my first son logan was born. when he first started to experiment with walking, i purchased him a pair of soft soled leather moccasins. after having only worn them for a week, he decided to jump around in a puddle of watery mud. le sigh….the $60 i had just spent was basically flushed down the toilet...because i discovered i couldn't wash them! i started to look into washable soft soled moccs...and i just couldn't find anything with design i liked. the moccs were either all leather, or they were made of flimsy cotton that fell apart quickly...or worse...shrunk after washing. CLAMFEET was born. all of my patterns are either created by myself, or independent artists and printed in north carolina! my shoes are fully wash + dry-able, and completely vegan. shoes are lined with organic lining, so no need for socks with these little ones. a lot of love + care go into making these shoes. thank you so much for supporting my work!

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