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Adventure Flannel Shirt

Adventure Flannel Shirt

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some people demand more and search a little harder to find what suits them — signature men’s flannel shirt for those people. The comfort of the fall flannel shirt jacket is always endearing, and their versatility makes them a necessity for everyone. But with all their simplicity and all of their stripes, these fall favorites are often exploited by those who ignore detail. Our flannel shirts are cut and sewn by traditional bespoke suit makers in los angeles, made in the usa by experts. We use finely brushed organic cotton, our colors are spot-on, and we use the right snaps for that subtle difference. Signature is working hard to help the industry move away from the overly-fitted look that has led much of the general public astray.


Re-imagined Americana, cut and sewn by the most talented and detail-oriented sewers we could find in the talent-rich Los Angeles Fashion District. We offer a sophisticated line of one-of-a-kind jackets and tops for ambitious professionals and creatives amid inspiring careers. Signature gives clients an edge by reinventing American classics and designing subtle details, accessorizing the aesthetic of men with staple pieces signaling grit and the ambition of someone seeking a life of their choosing.

From bespoke to Bahama to bangers - you’re in excellent hands.

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